It’s time for the MEGA PACK Tournament again!

It’s our 2nd birthday here at Game Time.  To celebrate, we are hosting our signature event, the MEGA PACK TOURNAMENT.  Our Mega Pack pool is already at an astounding 187 booster packs (almost 6 boxes!).  These packs will be added to the regular prize pool for an absolutely crazy prize payout!

This event consists of two separate swiss tournaments, a Modern and a Standard.  We will pay out to the top 8 of each tourney, but the top 4 of each of these will feed into a M15 Booster Draft.

Questions?  Call the store and speak to one of our helpful employee’s.

M15 Prerelease!

Friday Night 7/11 Midnight Prerelease ~  $25   Registration will run all day on Friday, it will close at 11:30pm sharp.  We have a bunch of freebies to give away especially for the midnight prere, so don’t miss out!

Saturday 7/12  ~
10 am  –  M15 sealed – registration will close at 10 am, $25.
3 pm  –    2 Headed Giant – Reg closes at 3 pm.  Entry is $25 per person.
8 pm  –   M15 sealed – Reg closes at 8 pm. $25.

Sunday 7/13 ~
1 pm  –  M15 sealed  –  Registration closes at 1pm.  $25
6 pm  –    2 Headed Giant – Reg closes at 6 pm.  Entry is $25 per person.

Can’t wait to see you there!  If you have any questions, give the store a call!