Game Time

8244 Center Run Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46250


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Monday – Friday: 2pm – 10pm
Saturday: 10am to 10pm
Sunday : 12pm to 6pm

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming events. Complete details on the event schedule. or on our Facebook page. 11/18 – Last Chance Qualifier for RPTQ Rivals of Ixalan – Modern, $30 Guaranteed $1000 cash payout…

Ixalan Booster Box Sealed

Booster Box Sealed event for Ixalan. You get a sealed box of Ixalan and you have an hour to make a 60 card deck out of it.  It’s $135 and…

Ixalan Prereleases

Preregistering is encouraged! Prereg is available beginning Monday, Sept. 11 and must be done in person. By doing so, you can skip the line and guarantee a spot in the…

Kaladesh Game Day

Announcing our Kaladesh Game Day events! 11am Entry is $10. This will be a swiss tournament with booster pack prizes for the top 8 finishers along with a promo for…

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events. All details on the event calendar. 1/4 – Weekly Wednesday Frontier Begins! 1/14-1/15 – Aether Revolt Prerelease 1/21-1/22 – Pokemon Sun and Moon Prerelease – Pokemon League Cup…