Upcoming Events

Upcoming events. Complete details on the event schedule. or on our Facebook page.

11/18 – Last Chance Qualifier for RPTQ Rivals of Ixalan – Modern, $30 Guaranteed $1000 cash payout for top 8.  Registration closes at 11:45am.  Deck registration sheet here.

11/19 – RPTQ Rivals of Ixalan – Modern – $10 entry goes to pay staff and judges.  Registration 9:30am to 10:45 am, event start at 11:00am sharp.  Deck registration sheet here.

11/19 – Monthly Vintage (moved from normal date this month) event link

11/26 – Pokemon League Challenge – event link

12/11 – 1/7 – Unstable Sealed League: check out the event calendar or our Facebook for more information

12/30 – MTG store championship (Game Day) – Event link
12/30 – Pokemon Crimson Invasion League Challenge – Event link

1/12 – 1/14  Rivals of Ixalan Prerelease weekend – Event link

~~~~~~~~~~EVERY WEEK~~~~~~~~~~

MNM – Monday Night Standard (Standard Showdown night) – 7pm $5

TNM – Tuesday Night Modern – 7pm $5
– Open Commander – 6pm FREE


THNM – Thursday Legacy – 7pm $5-7 (if proxies)
– Deadwood Chess club 6pm to 9pm

FNM – Modern (7pm $5), Standard (7pm $5) and booster draft (first sign up sheet goes out at 6:00pm,  $15) every week!

Saturday – Board Game Night (FREE!) 6:00 – close
– Adults only Pokemon open play – 6pm

Sunday – Pokemon League – 1pm – 4pm FREE  All ages welcome!

Ixalan Booster Box Sealed

Booster Box Sealed event for Ixalan.

You get a sealed box of Ixalan and you have an hour to make a 60 card deck out of it.  It’s $135 and there’s an additional box in the prize pool for every 4 people.  It’s a ton of fun and a great way to open a box of product!

This event is Saturday,  9/30  at 2pm.