Games / Products

Game Time hosts a variety of Magic the Gathering events. We are currently hosting events for the following formats:

Constructed Formats

  • Standard
  • Modern
  • Legacy
  • Vintage

Limited Formats

  • Booster Draft
  • Sealed
  • Two Headed Giant
  • League

Casual Formats

  • Commander / EDH

Check out the Event Calendar here for scheduled events.

Game Time buys and sells any and all Magic: the Gathering singles. If you are looking to purchase a new Standard deck, your missing Modern staples, or just looking to finish a Commander deck, you are likely to find what you’re looking for here.
Game Time also carries sealed product for all standard sets as well as specialty products like Duel Decks, Standard Challenge Decks, Commander preconstructed decks, Explorers of Ixalan, and Relic Tokens.
If you’re looking to sell singles or order cards, you can do so from our Contact page.

Game Time carries a selection of Yu Gi Oh products, including tins, decks, booster packs and booster boxes.

Game Time carries a great selection of Pokemon singles, deck protectors, tins, decks, booster packs and booster boxes.  We have a great Pokemon League that meets on a weekly basis, and we also host Pokemon tournaments, including Prerelease Tournaments.  For dates, times and more information, see our Event Calendar, or call with any questions.

Game Time carries all 5th Edition books and accessories, along with a selection of 4th Edition and older D&D materials.  We also carry D&D Miniatures in both booster packs and booster bricks.

Game Time carries a wide selection of Pathfinder items, including Adventure Paths, Miniatures, flip mats, and all kinds of books.  Game Time also hosts Pathfinder Society gaming sessions on some Saturdays.  Meetup information can usually be found here.   Need a place to host your group? Give us a call or come in and check us out.


Game Time is currently the meeting place of the Deadwood Chess Club.  For dates, times and more information, see our Event Calendar, or call with any questions.  We carry a small selection of basic tournament chess equipment.

Various Board Games

Game Time offers a selection of current board and card games.  The Catan games, Ascension, Eclipse, Legendary, Zombicide, Bang, Netrunner, Machi Koro, and many more.  We also carry many of the expansions and add-ons for these games as well.