Journey Into Nyx Game Day

Announcing our Journey Into Nyx Game Day events!  They are both on Saturday May 24.  The first event is at 12PM, and the second is at 6PM.  Entry is $10.  This will be a swiss tournament with pack prizes for the top 8 finishers along with this promo for the first 32 entrants to both events:


If you are in the Top 8 of the event you’ll earn this promo:


In addition, the 1st-place winner of Journey into Nyx Game Day will receive an exclusive Playmat.

Journey Into Nyx Buy A Box Sealed

The biggest event this coming release weekend is the Buy-A-Box sealed!  It’s at 3PM on Saturday May 3.  You get a sealed box of Journey Into Nyx and you have an hour to make a 60 card deck out of it.  It’s $125 and there’s an additional box in the prize pool for every 4 people.  It’s a ton of fun and a great way to open a box of product!