Mega Pack Tournament and Magic Celebration this Saturday!


Time: 2PM

Entry: $10

Format(s): Standard and Modern w/ a Top 8 Draft

Additional Info: There will be at least 3 boxes worth of prize and a FTV 20 to the winner of the draft! Tell your friends, this is a big one!

There will also be Magic Celebration all day (while supplies last) with free boosters to play in a sample deck and Duels of the Planeswalkers promo codes for participants, this is limited so come early!

M14 Game Day is nearly upon us!

It’s time for M14 game day!   It’s on this Saturday, August 10 with 2 events! This is a Standard tournament.  Swiss with a top 8 cut.  There will be prizes paid out to top 8.  First place will win M14 pack prize and an awesome playmat.

Everyone receives a full art promo Hive Stirrings:

The Top 8 receive a Full Art Foil Promo Goblin Diplomats

Registration closes at 11 am for the early event and 6pm for the evening event.  Call the store if you have any questions.