Pokemon Go! Kanto/ Johto Rainbow Cup

Tuesday, June 18th – 6pm This event is FREE!

This tournament is a format referred to as Rainbow Cup, where each player chooses a team of 6 Kanto or Johto Pokemon each with CP no higher than 1500 and with at least one typing of Fire, Electric, Bug, Grass, and Water. Once again, you CANNOT have any duplicate Pokemon this month but you can have those in the same family (Grimer and Muk).

Here is the official tournament page for this format.

Unbroken Bonds League Cup

This is an Standard Format Event!

Entry Fee is $20 all divisions

Prizes to be paid out in Store Credit, based on attendance.

Registration: 12:00 – 12:45.
First round will begin promptly at 1:00 PM.
Anyone registering after 12:45 will get a round 1 loss.

You will need a Standard Format 60 card deck, a decklist, POP ID number, randomizer, condition and GX markers.

Prizes based on attendance.

Deck lists will be collected at the start of Round 1. Please have deck lists complete. If you do not have a deck list complete, you will be given a Round 1 loss.

Championship Points:
Please view the link below for how Championship Points are awarded at League Cup tournaments.

Deck list:
Scroll down and use the 8.5×11 link under Card Information section. Print out and fill in before you show up to save some time.