Magic the Gathering

Dragons Maze Release

This weekend is the Dragons Maze Release!  We will be doing Booster Drafts all day on Saturday, along with our Booster Box Sealed on Saturday at 3:00.  Don’t miss out!

Dragons Maze Prerelease 4/27 4/28

Just a reminder, 1st place will be a whole booster box of Dragons Maze for each of these events!

Midnight Prerelease ~$30   Registration will run all day on Friday 4/26, it will close at 11:30pm sharp.  We have a bunch of freebies to give away especially for the midnight prere, so don’t miss out!  Also, we will have Dragons Maze Guild Cookies.

Saturday April 27  ~ Dragons Maze sealed registration will close at 10 am,  3pm and 8pm with the event shortly afterward.  Entry is $25 per event.

The 3 o’clock event on Saturday is a 2 Headed Giant event.  Entry is $25 per person.  Each entrant will receive an entire guild pack as their pool.

Sunday April 28 ~ Registration closes at 1pm.  Preregister if you can!

Can’t wait to see you there!  If you have any questions, give the store a call!