RtR Return to Ravnica Prerelease

It’s that time!  We will be hosting up to 3 RtR prerelease events on Saturday, September 29.  The first will be a midnight event at 12:00 am, the second at 12 noon, and if we have enough remaining product, the third at 6 pm.  These are sealed events, and entry is $30

Since we are a newer venue and have not hosted a Prerelease at this location, Wizards has provided a limited amount of product for our event.  We can host up to 90 players between all 3 events.  We will not turn away anyone for our midnight event until we hit 90.  We have had a huge response to our midnight prelease option, so if you plan on playing in the Saturday noon or evening event, please call ahead to see if these events are still available.

Sign up for these events will open 2 hours before each event starts and will close 20 minutes before the event fires.  Like all stores, we receive a limited amount of product for these prerelease events, so we are limited on the amount of participants.  Please make sure you get signed up as early as possible to avoid missing out.

Magic 2013 Celebration

Saturday, September 8 is the Magic 2013 Celebration.  Come join us and jump in a FREE Mini-Master 8 man.  That’s right, it is absolutely FREE!  It’s 3 rounds of swiss, and you win a pack if you win a round.  This will start at 2:00, first come first served.  We will also be doing a bulk rare drawing, and Booster Drafts as they fill, so come join in!