Game Time is currently updating both our storefront and our website.  We appreciate your patience with both.

Please check out our Facebook page for information about the current tournament schedule, or give us a call or email.

Our new play space is open for business, and our live streaming booth should be up and running very soon.

Great things are in our future, we’ll see you there!

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events. Complete details on the event schedule. or on our Facebook page.

11/18 – Last Chance Qualifier for RPTQ Rivals of Ixalan – Modern, $30 Guaranteed $1000 cash payout for top 8.  Registration closes at 11:45am.  Deck registration sheet here.

11/19 – RPTQ Rivals of Ixalan – Modern – $10 entry goes to pay staff and judges.  Registration 9:30am to 10:45 am, event start at 11:00am sharp.  Deck registration sheet here.

11/19 – Monthly Vintage (moved from normal date this month) event link

11/26 – Pokemon League Challenge – event link

12/11 – 1/7 – Unstable Sealed League: check out the event calendar or our Facebook for more information

12/30 – MTG store championship (Game Day) – Event link
12/30 – Pokemon Crimson Invasion League Challenge – Event link

1/12 – 1/14  Rivals of Ixalan Prerelease weekend – Event link

~~~~~~~~~~EVERY WEEK~~~~~~~~~~

MNM – Monday Night Standard (Standard Showdown night) – 7pm $5

TNM – Tuesday Night Modern – 7pm $5
– Open Commander – 6pm FREE


THNM – Thursday Legacy – 7pm $5-7 (if proxies)
– Deadwood Chess club 6pm to 9pm

FNM – Modern (7pm $5), Standard (7pm $5) and booster draft (first sign up sheet goes out at 6:00pm,  $15) every week!

Saturday – Board Game Night (FREE!) 6:00 – close
– Adults only Pokemon open play – 6pm

Sunday – Pokemon League – 1pm – 4pm FREE  All ages welcome!