It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….

As I’m sure most of you are already aware, the lockdown date has been extended to 4/7 4/21 5/1 5/15. Therefore, our tentative reopen date is 4/8 4/22 5/1 now Sat, 5/15.

We will still fill orders through email cardlist@gametimeindy.com

We are still offering curbside pickup, if you dare venture outside.

We are still taking preorders on booster boxes, fat packs(bundles) and the Prerelease kits. You can call in or use cardlist@gametimeindy.com, let me know what you would like to preorder, and I can get you taken care of. This will still earn points for GT Rewards members.

Release of product has been pushed back by wizards to May 15th. Preorder items will be available for in-store pickup whenever the set releases officially.

Check out our Facebook page for the most current info, and to check out some items for sale!

Stay safe out there everyone, and hopefully we can get back to it soon.

MTG Mythic Championship Qualifier (Richmond)

Game Time is proud to announce our next Mythic Championship Qualifier!

September 15, 2019
Doors open at 10am, event to start at 11am sharp.
This is a Modern format event.
Entry is $35
Number of rounds is based on attendance, plus a top 8 cut.
This event is a 1K. That means the prize pool is $1000 guaranteed. Prize payout for this event will be as follows.

1st ~ $400 (and invite to Mythic Championship (Richmond)
2nd ~ $200
3rd – 4th ~ $100
5th – 8th ~ $50

All entrants will also receive a shiny Arcbound Ravager promo for participating!

Preregistration is recommended. You can preregister in store or online at Eventbrite.

We highly recommend that you print and fill out your deck registration sheet before the day of the event. Deck registration sheet HERE

Wizards of the Coast MCQ general information page is HERE

Detailed information for MCQ Richmond is HERE