Battle for Zendikar Prerelease

Friday Night 9/25 Midnight Prerelease ~  $25   Registration will run all day on Friday, it will close at 11:30pm sharp.  This tourney runs for the appropriate number of rounds based on attendance and pays out a whole booster box of BFZ for 1st place!  There are also BFZ prizes for all winning records.  We have a bunch of freebies to give away especially for the midnight prere, so don’t miss out!

Saturday 9/26 ~ All Sat. events are 4 rounds of Swiss.
10 am  –  BFZ sealed – registration will close at 10 am, $25.
3 pm  –    2 Headed Giant – Reg closes at 3 pm.  Entry is $25 per person.
8 pm  –   BFZ sealed – Reg closes at 8 pm. $25.

Sunday 9/27 ~  All Sun. events are 4 rounds of Swiss.
1 pm  –  BFZ sealed  –  Registration closes at 1pm.  $25
6 pm  –    2 Headed Giant – Reg closes at 6 pm.  Entry is $25 per person.

Can’t wait to see you there!  If you have any questions, give the store a call!

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Clearance items……. while they last!

All  D&D Attack Wing and Star Trek Attack Wing products are on clearance.  Everything!  This means starters, all ships and all accessories.  Just ask at the time of purchase to get 40% off.  Help us get em’ outta here!

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