Back to school….. in Zendikar

Are you ready to battle in Zendikar!  Check out the new and improved event calendar for details on upcoming events, such as the Battle for Zendikar prerelease!

We are currently in the midst of our end of the summer revised dual land event for FNM Modern, check it out.  FTV angels, PPTQ’s for cash prizes, and much more coming atcha!

Pro Tour Fate Reforged Preliminary PTQ

Modern Swiss Tournament. Rounds based on attendance. Cut to top 8. Deck list required and competitive REL. Cost $10.  Reg closes at noon.

Prizes to be paid out based on attendance.
1st ~ Booster box + seat at PTQ
2nd ~ Booster box
3rd-4th ~ 27 packs
5th-8th ~ 18 packs
*Payouts based on attendance.  This payout based on 40 entries.

Deck Registration Sheet Found Here

Questions? Call us! (317)-577-0900