M14 Release!

The Magic 2014 Core Set releases on this Friday July 19th!  Preorder your box to guarantee your Buy-A-Box promo Ratchet Bomb.

M14 Buy-a-box promo Card

New standard takes effect on Friday in accordance to the release, and the rules changes are also already in effect. We will have single elimination and swiss drafts all day Friday and Saturday as well.  FNM is at 7 on Friday and there will be Standard and Draft events. Come out and receive your Launch Promo Colossal Whale!

M14 Launch Promo Card

The biggest event this weekend is the Buy-A-Box sealed!  It’s at 4PM on Saturday July 20th.  You get a sealed box of M14 and you have an hour to make a 60 card deck out of it.  It’s $130 and there’s an additional box in the prize pool for every 4 people.  It’s a ton of fun and a great way to open a box of product!

See you this weekend for all the events!