Pokemon Plasma Blast Prerelease


Plasma Blast Prerelease
Fishers/Castleton Plasma Blast Prerelease
– Saturday, Aug 3rd @ 10:30am. Registration closes at: 11am.
– Entry Fee: $28
For more info contact Professor Kevin at:fisherspokemonleague@gmail.com

Team Plasma is “blasting off again”! Come see all the newest Pokemon! Will you have the skills to catch and master the all new Virizion EX and Genesect EX cards?!?!? Prereleases are a constructed Pokemon event. For your entry fee, you will receive 6 packs to build your 40 card deck. (Basic energies will be provided). We will play 3 twenty minute rounds, and at the end of the event each player will receive 2 extra bonus packs for attending. We’ll have lots of giveaways including a Japanese Team Plasma Genesect Deck Box! We’ll also do a 5 pack, $20 after-draft for those wanting to play again. (dependent on product availability and interest).